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Start make money online and be great!

Learn how to Make Money Online and be GREAT!

“You don’t need to be great to start, you just have to start to be great”

The quote is one of many quotes from Zig Ziglar, a great motivational speaker. It states that all it takes is actually to start. We all have to start somewhere.

I’m no guru. I learn as I go along. I only want to share my experience to help people reach the same goal as myself and that is to make money online.

The good news is that the only thing holding you back is YOU! The bad thing is that it depends on YOU!

Man at business

Make Money Online from your Home – It’s all about business

To start making money online you first of all need to realize that it’s Business.
If it involves a money transaction, then you are in Business.
You are in Business to make profits and you deliver value to make the profit.

To make a Business successful, you need a plan. Ask anyone that has a successful Business. They all have a plan they follow.

If you have a desire to achieve something and you want to reach that, you HAVE to set a goal and create a plan to reach that goal.

Set your goals

Set your goals

So, your first lesson from me is this:
Set your income plan one year ahead. How much would you like to earn from your online business this year? Is it $1.000, $10.000, $100.000 or more?
Just pick a goal for you to work towards. It doesn’t matter if you set your goals high. It just means that you have a strong desire and are willing to work for that goal.

You may respond with: Hey! I don’t even know what to do! Relax! I will come to that in a moment!

 Loyal subscriber

Create a mailing list of loyal subscribers

There is only ONE core thing you have to do to make money online and that is to build a strong mailing list and establish a good relationship with your readers.
Sounds easy, right!?
The system goes as follows:

  • Create a bait, a FREE product (an eBook, a video, an audio interview or something like that)
  • Create a mailing list with the bait
  • Offer valuable information and products through the mailing list to help people reach their goals
  • Handle it all with a system that does this practically automated

The bottom line is to HELP your subscribers to reach their goals.

The key thing to success is concentrating on helping your subscribers. Don’t try to sell them stuff! Yeah, I know we all are in business to make money, but focusing on helping people reach their goals instead of trying to take their money is much more fun and rewarding, both spiritually and economically. You’ll see, If you can gain the trust of your readers, they will happily GIVE you the money for more information.

Who would you rather buy something from? Some stranger or someone you know?

The problem

The #1 problem

The number one problem that is getting in the way of most newbies is they suffer from information overload. They read all the free stuff online and buy products with push-button solutions. They are information junkies. They start every day by checking their inbox for new “better” ways to help them get started. Is that YOU!? Don’t worry; we all are to some degree, but you have to STOP buying push-button solutions that claim to get you rich overnight. They don’t exist!

Stop buying and start focusing on your business!

Marketing plan

The game plan

The easiest way to get started is to start a blog. You don’t need a lot of experience to set it up and start blogging. If you don’t know how to do that, get my FREE eBook and read about it.

Start out with your passion! What do you like? What drives you? Business should be fun! It’s much easier to work with something you have a burning desire for.

Search for a niche that you can profit from online. Niches that are evergreen are health, wealth, and relationships, but you can choose more or less whatever you like, but in all cases, you should do proper research! Check out Google’s Keyword Planner to find out how popular your niche is.

If you find your niche is popular, you then head over to and search your niche to see if there are products in that niche. If there are plenty of products in your niche then it is profitable.

When you find your niche, then you can start to write about it in your blog. You can, for example, write reviews about the products on ClickBank you like and recommend them to your readers.

Be sure to register an account at ClickBank so you can paste your affiliate link in your blog and get a commission on the sale.

The next step is to create bait for your audience. A free product that they can download in exchange for their email address. This way you start to build a mailing list.

To create a product that you can offer for free you can either:

  1. Write it/create it yourself, if you are an expert in your niche.
  2. Hire someone else to create it for you (get freelancers at,, – Quite expensive, but saves you time.
  3. Get a PLR book and rewrite it to make it unique – The cheap shortcut.

The next thing you will have to do is to get an autoresponder and hook it up with your bait so that when a subscriber opt-in for your free product they end up on your mailing list.

A very popular and reliable autoresponder is

Now you can set up an automated series of emails to be sent out to your subscribers.

That’s it! As you may have heard, money is in the list.

If you want to know more about all this, then you can read about it in my FREE eBook

Goals checklist

What about those goals?

Now, when you have set your financial goal for one year you split this into 4 quarters.

Break down the first 90 days into a 3-month plan, then create a 4-week work schedule.

Plan out one week to be productive and efficient.

Plan out tomorrow, today, so you know exactly what to do before you sit down and start to work.

When you have a financial goal for the next months you can easier see what you have to do to reach that goal.

For example:

In the next three months, I plan to earn X amount of dollars. To reach this goal I need to do this:

The first week I need to:

  • Find my niche
  • Start a blog
  • Find a PLR product as a bait
  • Find a freelancer who can rewrite it

Next week I need to:

  • Get an autoresponder
  • Get an opt-in page created
  • Hook it up with my autoresponder and the bait
  • Create the automated email series

Next week… etc…

It’s quite easy to get started, so why don’t you!?

I did!