BBP bundle

New software and training makes Bing Ads super easy and highly profitable

I must admit, I’m a total newbie when it comes to Bing Ads. I was a bit skeptical about this new software but the creators, Demetris and Alex, were introduced by a marketer I trust, so I thought I give it a try.

I went with the full package and dived right in. The content was easy to follow and Demetris explained every step very thoroughly.

Everything was presented in a user-friendly manner and I quickly understood how to navigate Bing Ads. Soon I had my first ad up and running.

My first ad was a disappointment. I’ve lost about $100 and no sale!

What!? Why!?

They said it would be easy!

I took a closer look at the campaign and realized that I haven’t followed the training to the T; I’ve been trying to do shortcuts, and it’s biting me in the ass.

So I went ahead and recreated the campaign exactly as instructed, and the results were amazing!

My second Bing Ad ever was profitable! (Would have been the first if I didn’t try to shortcut things…)

I was totally amazed!

The Bing Bang Profits software makes it so easy it almost feels like cheating. Choose an offer, enter a few keywords and spy on the competitors winning ads, copy the ads with a single click, find all the right keywords, add tracking and BOOM, the ads are up and running!

If I was doing all of this manually it would have taken me hours to set up and cost hundreds in extra software, per month. Now it’s all there in one software, for a one-time fee! Amazing!

Here’s a summary of what you get with Bing Bang Profits Reloaded:

  • Beginner-friendly, over-the-shoulder tutorials that are easy to follow
  • Bing Bang Profits software for life
  • Done For You campaigns to copy
  • Legally scrape winning ads & keywords from your competition
  • Integrated tracking tool (upgrade)
  • Integrated split testing tool (upgrade)
  • Active Facebook community
  • Epic support

So, should you buy Bing Bang Profits?

Well, the choice is entirely up to you! Although I cannot guarantee that you will make money with BBP (you might be trying to shortcut things like I did), but I can tell you that your chances to succeed greatly improves when you have a proven system to follow, like Bing Bang Profits.

I know that I will be a happy customer for years to come!