Boost your conversions using artificial intelligence!

The internet is a growing market, and with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) it’s only going to keep expanding. is a new tool that will make marketing easier for businesses by automatically generating content that is relevant to your website audience. This blog post will discuss how this new type of software can help you generate more conversions by providing better content for your users!

How do works?

This AI software uses advanced technology like machine learning to help you create better content than ever before. It’s optimized for conversions by creating relevant information about subjects that your users are interested in.

Jasper, as the AI is called, is programmed with numerous marketing frameworks and guidelines for creating content that converts.

Jasper is created to be a marketing assistant. Unlike other AI’s it has the human touch of your business at its core so you can rely on this technology with confidence! 

This innovative software will make sure that everything from headlines to content is optimized for clicks, searches, visits, likes, and shares-helping boost engagement rates across all channels while also increasing customer loyalty.

How can you use copywriting AI technology in your business?

There are numerous ways you can use to improve your business’ content. Here are a few examples:

-Write better blog posts, easier. Let Jasper break the barrier of writer’s block, and write blog posts that are optimized for your target audience.

-Generate leads with better email marketing campaigns. Write compelling emails that get opened and read.

-Increase sales with better landing pages and conversion funnels. Optimize your funnel to get the maximum number of conversions from your traffic-

-Create compelling social media advertising campaigns using AI that catches peoples’ attention.

-Optimize your website content and maximize the number of people who convert.

Here are a few examples created by Jasper:

-This blog post!

Yes, Jasper wrote this article with just a few guidelines from a human.

-Facebook Ad headline:

Drink better water with the only 5-stage water filtration system that removes 99.9% of dissolved solids.

-Short sales letter using AIDA framework:

Attention: We all know that water is essential for life.

Interest: But did you know that the average American drinks around 40 gallons of tap water per day? And what’s in your tap water? Chlorine, fluoride, lead, and other contaminants can be found in most municipal water supplies. That’s why we created Zerowater – to give you a way to get clean and fresh drinking water at home with our unique 5-stage filter pitchers.

Desire: You deserve better than just “tap” – so make the switch today! Get started with a free trial of Zerowater pitcher filters by clicking this ad right now! It’s easy and convenient, plus it’ll save you money on bottled or filtered waters too!

Action: Click here to get your Zerowater!

– Cold E-mails:

Dear Blogger,

I see you’re having some trouble with writer’s block. I can relate to that – it happens more often than not for me! Well, at least it was before I found Jasper. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide a personalized writing experience that empowers you to blast through your writer’s block with ease.

If you’re willing, I’d love the opportunity to show you how Jasper works in 15 minutes or less. You’ll be blown away by its ability to help you overcome writer’s block so easily and what it can do for your blog as well!

– SEO Titles and Meta:

Title: Plumber London | Adam’s Plumbing

Meta Description: Adam’s Plumbing is a plumbing and HVAC repair service in London. We are available 24/7 for emergency services, so call us at 020 3355 4444 today!

– High converting Headlines:

Instantly write better copy with AI

The ultimate writing assistant for writers and entrepreneurs

And so much more! The possibilities are endless.

Each business has different needs, so there is no one size fits all solution to using Jasper AI in your business. However, we hope these examples have helped you think about how can be used to improve your digital marketing strategy!

Copywriting AI’s are here to stay. If you want your copy to be as effective as possible, it is important that you consider the power of these platforms and take advantage of their capabilities. We recommend giving a try for yourself by signing up today! You’ll never have to worry about writing engaging content again with this powerful tool on your side.