450+ free tools resource guide for business and startups

Have you ever tried to set up a website from scratch? Surfing around the web to find tools for your design project? Maybe you have searched for free images or sounds? Well, look no further!

The Ultimate Startup Resource

The Ultimate Startup Resource is your answer!

This ultimate guide contains loads of tools for you and your business. The best part is that they are all free!

You’ll find tools for design, management, software, courses, websites, content creation, link building, logo creaton, webinars, you name it!

Why pay for expensive tools when you can get all these high quality tools for free? This startup resource guide is a result of years of researching and testing.

Don’t spend another day looking for tools online. Please!

This e-book is availabe for only $9.97! That’s only a Big Mac meal and a Frappe…

Here’s some examples of what you’ll find inside:

  • FREE Marketing Tools
    • Social media management, email marketing, link buildin, content creation etc.
  • FREE Design Tools
    • Design tools, logo creation, name generators etc.
  • FREE Management Tools
    • Courses, invoicing, A/B testing, legal documents etc.
  • FREE Productivity Tools
    • Collaboration tools, webinars, community tools etc.
  • FREE Content Tools
    • SEO analysis, blog submissions, image optimizers etc.
  • FREE Coding Tools
    • Icons, stock photo, coding tools, images etc.


The author has made a tremendous job putting together this amazing list of tools that will definitely save you thousands of dollars.
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